Appello al Consiglio d’Europa – Versione Inglese

La versione inglese dell’appello all’U.E., voluto da CieloBuio, UAI e IDA, affinché affinché il cielo notturno venga dichiarato e considerato un bene ambientale da tutelare con specifiche norme legislative. An initiative of the European Astroamateurs for the Safeguard of the Nocturnal Sky

This is an invitation extended to all the Associations of astroamateurs and UAI delegations to support the following ‘Appeal to the European Council’ to the safeguard of the nocturnal sky, to fight light pollution and the consequent energy saving.

This request, strongly wanted by the UAI, together with CieloBuio and IDA, has been translated in all major european languages and distributed to national astroamateur associations. The text is also available on Internet on the UAI website, under the section about light pollution.

We invite you to send the ‘Appeals’ printed on headed letter paper and duly signed by the President or legal administrator of your Association, to the UAI postal address ….. within February 15, 2003. The letters received from everywhere in Europe will be assembled during the March 1st meeting in Paris and then transmitted to the European Council in Strasbourg.

All UAI Members will be kept informed about the discussions with the European Parlament’s officials on this specific theme.

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(please print on headed letter paper)

The Association (Name of the association…)

– Considering that the phenomenon of light pollution is by now a worldwide problem, and that it is particularly worrying within the european continent
– Considering the positive initiatives that have been promoted in Italy and other countries of the European Community, aimed at the establishing specific rules that would limit this severe alteration of the nocturnal sky
– Considering that an earnest fight to the useless dispersion of light towards the sky would also elicit, as a consequence, undoubteful advantages to the reduction of energetic waste – by the way also wanted by the Kyoto’s Protocol to contain the greenhouse effect
– Considering that UNESCO has already established a Declaration for the Rights of Future Generations, where it is specifically stated the right to the preservation of the sky, in its intrinsic purity
– Reaffirming the specific requests in this sense made to all world
government by the Conventions in Venice (May 2002) and Lucerne (September 2002)

We appeal to the European Council

To vote a specific proposal so that the nocturnal sky will be declared and considered as environmental patrimony which need to be preserved by distinct legal rules.
This project will allow present and future generation to keep studying, understanding and admiring the starry sky and all its related phenomena. By doing so, we will significantly reduce the energetic waste and thereby obtain a decrease in the shrinkage of our planet’s natural resources and an improvement in the atmosphere’s conservation.

Name and signature of the President

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