CieloBuio’s Asteroid Kids

CieloBuio ed i suoi protagonisti a cui sono stati dedicati degli asteroidi dalla International Astronomical Union (IAU) per le attività e ricerche scientifiche di rilievo da loro svolte.

13777 Cielobuio (1998 UV6)
Discovered 1998 Oct. 20 by M. Cavagna and A. Testa at Sormano.
Cielobuio is the Italian association against light pollution. Cielobuio played a fundamental role in Lombardy to support the passage of a regional law, one of the most advanced in the world. Through its electronic mailing list, Cielobuio connects both amateur and professional astronomers.

5248 Scardia (1983 GQ)
Discovered 1983-Apr-06 by Debehogne-DeSanctis at La Silla (809)

10149 Cavagna (1994 PA)
Discovered 1994 Aug. 3 by M. Tombelli and A. Boattini at San Marcello Pistoiese Observatory.
Named in honor of Marco Cavagna (b. 1958), Italian amateur astronomer. He began observing comets, variable stars and occultations at an early age. In 1989 he was one of the promoters of the follow-up program, with special interest in NEOs, at Sormano Observatory. Cavagna introduced the discoverers to the Italian astrometric community during its first meeting, held in Verona in 1991.

21999 Disora (1999 XS38)
Discovered 1999 Dec. 7 by F. Mallia at Campo Catino.
Mario Di Sora is founder and manager of the Campo Catino Observatory. A lawyer by profession, as president of the Italian section of the International Dark Sky Association, he has promoted several regional laws on light pollution in Italy, notably by making Rome the first dark-sky capital in the world.

43882 Maurivicoli (1195 EM1)
Discovered 1995 Mar. 7 by L. Tesi and A. Boattini at San Marcello Pistoiese.
Maurizio Vicoli (b. 1964) has long been involved in astronomical studies, publishing numerous articles on the relationship between philosophy and astronomy and participating in setting criteria for laws concerning light pollution in the Abruzzo region. He also conceived the town of Secinaro’s “National Golden Meteorite Prize”.

43957 Invernizzi (1997 CL13)
Discovered 1997 Feb. 7 by P. Sicoli and F. Manca at Sormano.
Italian amateur astronomer Luca Invernizzi (b. 1966) is founder of the Associazione Astrofili Valtellinesi and co-promoter of the “G. Piazzì’ Observatory. Author of a book and many articles about astronomy in Italian newspapers and magazines, he is an active member of Cielobuio, an anti-light-pollution association.

49987 Bonata (2000 AB5)
Discovered 2000 Jan. 3 by L. Tesi and G. Forti at San Marcello Pistoiese.
Diego Bonata, aerospace engineer born in 1968, had been the promoter in Italy of 8 regional laws (the most advanced ones in the world) for the control of light pollution and for energy saving, through the Association “Cielobuio” to which he is president starting from 2000. Scientific spreader, researcher of sundials, he is engaged in astronomical researches within the Observatory “Carl Sagan” in Brignano Gera d’Adda (Bergamo) – Italy, in the diffusion of new lighting technologies and in the development of new environmentally compatible solutions in the word of lighting engineering. In 2003 he received the first “European Galileo Award” from International Dark Sky Association for his dedication to the defence of starry sky.

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