Dichiarazione di Lucerna – 7-8 September 2002

La LR17/00 Lombardia come modello nella Dichiarazione di Lucerna. 2 nd European Symposium on the Protection of the Night Sky
Lucerne, Switzerland
7-8 September 2002
Declaration of Lucerne
We the participants at the 2 nd European Symposium on the Protection of the Night Sky
representing many European countries and organizations:
— are unanimously concerned about the vanishing night skies and the rapid growth of light pollution in Europe and the world. This light pollution is characterized by excessive glare, energy waste, sky glow, and harm to the nighttime environment.
— note t hat some European countries have taken action to control light pollution as evidenced by new national and regional laws, zoning restrictions, educational campaigns, and research.
– commend the regional parliament of Lombardy, Italy, the national parliament of the Czech Republic, t he Catalonia Region of Spain, and others for t heir new legislation to protect the night skies.
These actions are important steps forward, but more actions are required in these and many ther
countries to reverse the adverse impacts of light pollution.
Therefore, we unanimously request that all European governments and the European Union take immediate action to control light pollution. These actions should include educational campaigns, new legislation, and research.
We further declare that the solutions are basic and everyone benefits from these act ions. Use the right amount of light only when and where it’s needed, thereby seeing better, saving energy and protect ing the nighttime environment.
Signed by all attendees on 8 September 2002
Representing the following organizations:
IDA Switzerland
International Dark-Sky Association (IDA has members in 75 countries)
The Campaign for Dark-Skies of the British Astronomical Association
IDA Czech Republic
IDA Italy
Astronomical League (international association with 20,000 members)
Fachgruppe Dark Sky der Vereinigung der Sternfreunde of Germany
Verein Kuffner-Sternwarte of Austria
Platform Lichthinder of the Netherlands
Werkgroep Lichthinder of VVS in Belgium
Bond Beter Leefmil ieu in Belgium
Cel Fosc of Catalonia S pain
Individual attendees

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